Yermin Mercedes stepping away from baseball ‘indefinitely’

White Sox designated hitter / catcher Yermin Mercedes announced this evening on Instagram that he is retiring from baseball “indefinitely”. The 28-year-old thanked his family, agent Daniel Szew and his former teammates before closing his post with the words: “It’s over.”

It’s a breathtaking development for a player whose breakthrough achievement was one of the biggest storylines of the early 2021 season. Mercedes started the season as the designated hitter of the White Sox and went 8-for-8 at the beginning of the year. Mercedes beat .368 / .417 / .571 in the first 38 games of the season, but followed suit with a .150 / .220 / .196 on its next 118 record appearances.

The White Sox optioned Mercedes on Triple One Charlotte on July 2nd, and since then he’s torn his way through minor league pitching. In 14 games and 61 record appearances, he beats .309 / .377 / .655 with four homers, five doubles and one threesome.

Despite Mercedes’ post tonight, the White Sox say they haven’t received any Formal notice from the player himself. The team published the following statement:

“The White Sox know today’s Instagram post from Yermín Mercedes, who is currently in the active line-up of our Class AAA team in Charlotte. At this point in time, the White Sox have not received any official notification from Yermin of his future plans. ”

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