Apple 2022 M2 Micro

What’s Apple Doing in 2022 ?

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Welcome to this new article.

My name is Holger. Today is about the new, a Pro 24 22.

There will probably be a new Pro. There are of course still rumours, which I have looked at closely over the last few months and would like to summarize for you today and give you a small overall picture of what I am likely to do in the fall as always ready, because Hoch Freund wouldn’t say mount directly, we ask directly with the selection of the models, so what is really expected there probably belongs to the arable land that a 3rd size is being planned.
Apple 2022 M2 Micro

But at my office this year, there are two models, one that is supposed to help and one with 12.9 inches, as we have known in recent years, the new version with 14 or even almost 15 is planned, but these are early 20, 23 is coming and it is probably not a Pro model, but a larger one, he rushes, so the current assumption.

But there aren’t that many details about this unit yet. So far, the only thing that has been said is that there is no Pro model that welcomes this, as I have already told you. What kind of these technologies await us?

Nothing will change with all pro with 11 inches, there is still the normal Ltd pendulum and the great Pro as well. That comes the media, which for me personally is a bit of a shame that the small breakpoint doesn’t finally get the April on me the LEDs. But it is likely that the first contracts for Hannes will also be signed for a small reason.

Now produced The production facilities are being set up, they will produce next year and then start in early 2024 so that the Pro series can take the step towards one, so it’s probably just not worth it.

Another new pair can buy the little one half past midnight And whoever uses the little Alpe might just be waiting for the next generation. Second big fisherman will be the Apple two.

That should probably come as a surprise last year, now there are two new MacBook Air. Demetrio said that would also get a cure. Some are perhaps of the opinion that it would be too much for an Albert that some at least achieved something from exports, a very simple explanation of the relationship.

It is cheaper to install in so many devices, because you can order the courses in quantities, i.e. it will be cheaper in production for Apple, the whole thing is of the budget or not even an open question. No, I’m home.

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