What is it and what are the advantages of mobile advertising?

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Good morning. Good afternoon. I don’t know in which part of the world you find this in this post.

We are going to try to give an overview of what is on mobile devices.

Your cell phone, your tablet, what types of advertising exist? And specifically, we are going to talk in this article about marketing through SMS text messages.

Before we start and explain in getting fully into the subject of what is, what needs to be said is that or the Publicidad en Mobiles is a set, is a number of possibilities, of tactics or mechanisms that are used to promote products, services and other types of channels,

For example, with respect Incentive Marketing, it is a method or vertical of Marketing that uses the means of rewarding the user with a product or a service, a monetary compensation for executing a certain action, for example, downloading an application, installing it and reach a level X of that app.

That’s one of the channels that is used for the initial margin. In recent years, SA has emerged in an untimely manner, interposed in the sector of everything that has to do with mobile advertising, in such a way that any website today, if one looks at the analytics, talking about Google Analytics now, at least sixty percent of the traffic is from mobile, so mobile advertising has acquired a very high importancve when it comes to advertising on internet.

In another aspect of today’s technology the level of technology is not where it was years ago. Companies like Samsung and the technology they’ve developed by mobile phones at the technological forefront of mobile phones allow very wide possibilities in terms of the ability to exchange content, whether the user interacts with the application or with the format of the advertisement, as at the same time that format (of the advertising, the industry promoted, the size, text, colors, etc) is narowed targeted on a specific audience with, for example, your country, tastes and preferences, etc.

In other words, the technology that exists in today’s devices and the knowledge of the user that has advanced during all this time about how to use the devices. We are talking about cell phones of mobile devices, it allows a wide range of possibilities when it comes to offering advertising.

So, we welcome you to mobile advertising and I hope this introductory article has been useful. And please, keep coming back to the site for more information about what are the different techniques and variants that we are going to be explaining shortly. Welcome to MAT News.

Thank you very much for being here. See you later.

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21 thoughts on “What is it and what are the advantages of mobile advertising?

  1. فيما يتعلق بالتسويق التحفيزي ، فهو طريقة أو رأسية للتسويق تستخدم وسائل مكافأة المستخدم بمنتج أو خدمة ، وتعويض نقدي لتنفيذ إجراء معين ، على سبيل المثال ، تنزيل تطبيق وتثبيته والوصول إلى المستوى X من هذا التطبيق.

  2. Это предыстория к методах размещения мобильной рекламы? Жду следующих публикаций.

  3. Hi, why mobile advertising is more effective? at least everyone has a mobile phone that includes, college students University and high school so an advertisement would reach many in a mobile phone compared to other devices whereby not many can afford them like tablets, laptops etcetera.

  4. The other advantage is a mobile phone is a lot more easier to use than all the devices, you do not need to take any formal training to use it , and adverts will reach all people from all walks of life.

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