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Watch Hero Yorkie Fend Off Aggressive Coyote To Save Her Human

A small Yorkshire terrier with the heart of a lion fighting off a coyote in a residential area Toronto street and protect your 10 year old.

The dramatic confrontation was captured in a home surveillance video.

When a coyote was chasing Lily Kwan and her rescue dog Macy down a street earlier this week, Lily dropped the leash and ran for help. Lily said she recently saw evidence of a coyote chasing kids in the neighborhood and she told reporters :” I thought, am I next, what will happen to me? “

Lily said she walked down the sidewalk and “yelled for help” and rang the doorbell until a neighbor let her in.

Macy was taken to a veterinary intensive care unit for multiple wounds to treat multiple wounds, but is now at home and a full recovery is expected.

“ She is a super brave dog; I love her so much. I just thought this tiny dog ​​could protect this huge human and try to fend off this huge coyote, “said Lily.

Your mother Dorothy Kwan said the little dog would” do anything for our family, so I’m actually not surprised she did. ” However, she was shocked at how aggressive the coyote was. “It kept coming back to [Lily] and our dog,” she said.

Kwan is Furious that officers are not trapping and removing coyotes in the neighborhood, especially when they are so aggressive. So far the animals are just over electronic collars tracked .

As with Macy, as CNN presenter Robin Meade said : “What a good girl, what a good girl you are.”

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