They file a lawsuit against Marilyn Manson for an alleged crime of sexual assault

The extravagant rock star Marilyn is about to face a lawsuit filed by Jane Doe last Monday in New York, where he is accused of sexually assaulting her in the 90s.
The plaintiff at the time was only 16 years old, she met the singer in Dallas, after one of her concerts in 1995.
Brian Warner’s lawyer, artistically known as Marilyn , alleged in a statement to Fox News Digital that the artist did not know the girl at all, nor does he remember having any kind of sexual relationship with the plaintiff, of course his statements call into question the accusation made of Manson by Jane.
Howard King, who leads the defense of the singer-songwriter, continued to allege in his statements to the media that this was nothing more than a story that was not real at all, which the allegedly assaulted woman has devoted herself to exposing in the main media.
The lawyer goes on to say that such a lie is discovered more if one compares the previous statements of the victim and her new current lawsuit, a story totally without any agreement, assuring that Marilyn will emerge unscathed from such accusations, since there is no solid evidence and the The artist refuses to acknowledge having had relations with the female at that time, nor does he remember her from 28 years ago.
The lawsuit also hits the artist’s record labels at the time of the alleged event, Interscope and Nothing Records, accusing them of covering up the artist’s criminal behavior, and calling them on top of allowing and celebrating such crimes against sexual offenders.
Karen Barth Menzies, the lawyer handling Jane Done’s case, was in charge of getting these statements to the media where the artist’s record companies are blamed for the alleged crime in the decade.
It is not the first time that Manson has starred in a lawsuit with the role of a sexual offender, since some time ago he had received another series of accusations with this same pattern.

Among the numerous women who have sued him is the actress Evan Rachel Wood and Esmie Bianco, facing the artist in court on January 27, and from which the artist was unharmed and also refuses to face the repetitive demands.
Manson’s past is dubious and dark with so many sexual assault claims against him, of which he always comes off innocent and totally unaware.
But the extravagant life of the star is not a secret to anyone, although really without evidence there is no crime, this being his greatest salvation, but the shadow of such demands will accompany him forever, staining his career and questioning his values and feelings. like human being.
Well, if you search the Internet and the media, you will find that there are many accusations leveled against , where they blame him for sexual abuse. So far none of the lawsuits have come to light, they only cover the star’s past with stains and leave those who would like to unravel their past actions in total uncertainty.

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