The new Samsung Galaxy is Simply Awesome

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People say she introduced the 22today. I was there and was able to take a look at the devices.

Everything that is important to know we now have here in my video on this channel, of course there will be which smartphones presented today to hold.

If you have done that, you should definitely subscribe and many thanks to mobilcom debitel for the support with this video, thanks to which I was able to look at the device so early and because of which I can also calculate the test devices so early, you will not only find all Samsung smart for our, but also the entire competition from Samsung well all network is called Vodafone Telekom, there is really scared.

Be sure to have a look online at the d dot de or against one of the more than 500 jobs all over Germany starting with the Galaxy is 22 and the slightly larger 22 plus both there will be four colors black, white, pink and a beautiful dark green that I almost pulled me in.

The frame is made of Namur, aluminum is said to be 7% harder, the Gorilla Glass Aspects Plus fits Fire is Sams and Exclusives is quite 5% harder, the design that we can see is largely unchanged, but I really don’t think it’s that bad because it It’s a very nice design, but all the technology inside is new, I still have a live impression for you here. On site is the S 22 Kattegat, which has millions more than I expected and the frame feels possible of very high quality, but more the gems.

The back is beautiful, makes that clear, I also have very chic, which by size slightly believes that 22 has a 6.1 should remain the 22 plus 6.6, so it has become slightly smaller than its predecessor.

Both come without the blues resolution and can attractively display their display repeatedly from pulling up to a hundred and twenty years. Unfortunately, I don’t know Normal 22’s spying activities, but the one from the river 1000 had the highest divorce rate in 150 years. I am particularly pleased that the edges are now finally symmetrical, which has become very, very smart to tell from a finite patron equally tolerant and rehearse only a tiny hole for the same camera, so on this see metric display, the processor in it be the exitus 2000, 200 for us in Germany too.

With eight gigabytes of RAM and 128 clock you can leave a memory. Ultimately, this process was difficult to say and slightly less powerful than the eight. Perhaps it is more energy-efficient. I can first examine such questions in detail for you. Was fully installed is of course 12. Postage on each point says that really in the past.


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