Terms of Service

Updated 3/15/2019

Below are our Terms of Service, which basically say that we provide just a collection service of public available information. We retrieve news feeds from several recognized and serious sources and we display it in a nice format and maybe with some added value like the possibility to customize what you see.

Usage Terms

By visiting and/or taking any action on MAT News, you confirm that you are in agreement with and bound by the terms outlined below. These terms apply to the website, emails, or any other communication.

Our Terms:

We hand select the sources we display in this website, but we offer the service as is. We do not curate the content or otherwise inspect what the main sources publish.

We DO select manually the sources of news and we only add to our feeds those that are well known and highly respected.

You may request at any time the source and origin data of any content published on this website.

You can use this service free of charge understanding that this website is just a collector of rss feeds and we dont inject any data or information except the data provided by the original content generators.

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