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You will have a hard time finding a consumer who has not heard of the Samsung name. From laptops, cell phones and televisions to refrigerators, Assortments and robotic vacuum cleaners, this mega-brand plays a role in many aspects of your life.

As a device manufacturer, Samsung makes some of our favorites (yes, the ones we have tested and love), clad in both sleek and above-average designs Functionality. And since Samsung is also a pioneer in telephone and computer technology, its devices are well equipped with modern, app-based technology , which should make it much easier to prepare dinner or vacuum floors.

If you’re on the hunt for a new device, Samsung has some killer deals on their website right now. Not to mention that it’s pretty easy to get these devices delivered and installed at your home.

Here are our favorites – the most powerful Samsung devices that we have already tested.

Samsung RF263BEAESG French door refrigerator

If you are looking for a refrigerator for a family this is it. We like the Samsung RF263BEAESG for its fingerprint-resistant stainless steel, the ability to store large items, and its smart shelves and drawers. The interior shelf is able to fit two gallons Milk all at once, so it’s great for bulk shopping. Another benefit is the vegetable drawer which maintains optimal humidity to keep produce fresh, and you only need to open one of the refrigerator doors to open access the vegetable drawer. This means that you keep the air in your refrigerator at a higher temperature.

Get the Samsung RF263BEAESG for $ 1,349 >

Samsung RS27T5200SR side-by-side refrigerator with counter depth

For remarkably constant temperatures, the Samsung RS27T5200SR is hot. This model lacks Samsung’s smart home feature, Family Hub, but it makes up for it with reliability and spaciousness. Upon reviewing this model, we found that it has a remarkably larger capacity than the average standard side-by-side model.

Get the Samsung RS27T5200SR for $ 1,439

Samsung Bespoke 4-door flex refrigerator

Samsung’s Bespoke fridge has caught our attention since early 2021 when Samsung launched it for American consumers announced. You can customize the stunning design with interchangeable bezels in a variety of colors and finishes, and you can also adjust the temperatures of each freezer and refrigerator compartment.

Don’t worry if there is enough space in the refrigerator for a jug of filtered water, because This refrigerator has a built-in one and it fills automatically. This model also has UV technology that deodorises the refrigerator.

We currently have the custom-made 4-door Flex in our labs for testing, but we’re intrigued by the promise of this model and impressed with our first look.

Samsung DW80R9950UT Dishwasher

After we have gone through our laboratory tests, the Samsung DW80R9950UT emerges as the Editor’s Choice winner on the other hand. It has over 99% effectiveness in removing stains from both normal and heavy cycles while offering a stunning, fingerprint-resistant stainless steel exterior. Like other high-end dishwashers on the market, this model has a third basket that is adjustable for oversized utensils and runs quietly without sacrificing efficiency.

Get the Samsung DW80R9950UT dishwasher for $ 1,084

Samsung NX58K9500WG gas insert with real convection

The Samsung NX58K9500WG received an Editor’s Choice logo during testing. With its five burners and the single True Convection oven, this series has everything you could want. It offers a great cooktop with a grill plate that fits into the center burner. A delight for any baker with its ability to preheat quickly, this oven features a great convection oven that evenly bakes everything from sugar cookies to a dense cake. If you have kept your quarantine bread hobby alive or if you want to host a lot of dinner parties, a warming drawer is available for fermenting bread or keeping food warm.

Get the Samsung NX58K9500WG gas insert with True Convection for $ 2,599

Samsung NY63T8751SS Flex Duo slot Dual Fuel Range

The Samsung NY63T8751SS is one of the best gas stoves we’ve tested. The full test report will follow shortly. This Smart range offers many technically advanced features including a Smart Dial, Wi-Fi and an Air-Fry setting. It can learn your cooking habits and simplify oven settings so it knows exactly what you need. You can even use your smartphone to change the temperature and check the cooking time without being around. Even better, it has a hot air fryer mode that eliminates the need for a separate hot air fryer and saves you the space and expense of another kitchen appliance.

Get the Samsung NY63T8751SS Flex Duo slide-in dual fuel range for $ 3,329

Samsung ME21F707MJT over-the-range microwave

The Samsung ME21F707MJT Microwave has a slim design, including a horizontal control panel that is at eye level, making it easy to use when you are beyond your reach. Its heat sensor technology heats items well and offers many one-touch presets.

Get it the Samsung ME21F707MJT microwave for $ 469

Samsung WF45R6300AV smart front-loading washing machine

If you are looking for a front loading washing machine that can work quickly, the Samsung WF45R6300AV

Get the Samsung WF45R6300AV intelligent front-loading washing machine for $ 1,034

Samsung DVE45R6100C dryer

Available as an electric or gas model, the Samsung DVE45R6100C works almost perfectly with large capacity and settings to dry each load. It offers special bedding settings that allow your sheets and comforters to dry completely. If you have allergies, this machine has a Sanitize option that can remove allergens from your laundry. A design-oriented look means it will look great in your home too. This dryer has a fun twist that flashes before the next cycle if you forgot to empty the lint trap after the last load.

If the device fails, you can scan the code provided with your smartphone and the Samsung app will tell you what is wrong.

Get the Samsung DVE45R6100C dryer from $ 944

Samsung Jetbot + vacuum robot

Samsung’s brand new Jetbot AI + has just arrived in our laboratory for testing, but the first impression looks good. It has promising functions, including object recognition, which helps it identify the surface to be cleaned and adjust its suction power accordingly. Perhaps the best part of this machine is its hygiene. This machine empties itself automatically with the associated cleaning station.

Get the Samsung Jetbot AI + for $ 1,299

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