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Hello, good afternoon, in this article we are going to talk about mobile advertising in mobile applications.For example, if you have a product or a service that you want to advertise, one of the ways to do it is on mobile. That is, in other mobile applications, One way to advertise on mobile devices is to contract advertising space in mobile applications from other developers.

Publish your add on illons of mobile apps
Publish to millions of Apps

The first requirement is to comply with the predetermined formats that the application developer is willing to offer at auction to complete their advertising spaces.The different requirements can be, for example, ad size. The location can be in the footer. It can be a bullet point, it can be a Sticky ad. In other words, that the location on the user’s screen is always visible to the user, taking special care with the user’s experience. A positive user experience is something that is highly valued and of the utmost importance.In other words, that the ad does not disturb the experience that the user has when using the mobile application where you contracted the advertising space,The payment methods with which to carry out this type of transaction may vary.This type of leasing of advertising space can be for investments in which you pay for every thousand impressions. Costs can range from about fifty cents to a few dollars per thousand views of your ad.

Another format is by click. That is, every time someone clicks or presses on your ad and is redirected to your product, service or whatever. So at that moment when you click there, the expense that you must pay occurs.

Another form of pay meter format is task function. For example, when the user clicks on your ad, for example, the user may be asked to subscribe to your newsletter to your mailing list. And at that point, if you pay for the action, this involves a little technical development that is very easy to do. Any programmer can do it.

Now how to get to contact mobile application developers?

First of all, looking at the application list, in the Google App Store an e-mail always appears. You can send an email to the study, to the laboratory that is in charge of developing the application.You can also search on sites like Linkedin. If it is a company, if it is a large studio and contact an employee to the highest ranking person possible to talk about the possibility of inserting your ad in their application

Searching WHOIS. It is a database that lists the data of all the people that all the entities of all the domains of the world. And as much as it usually appears, the data of the true owner is hidden, that is, they are obfuscated so that only a proxy email is seen, but if you send an email to that proxy email, that email safely reaches the maximum person in charge. of the domain.

Another alternative to find application developers are directories where companies like AppFlyer and other companies focused on the distribution of mobile applications are listed. And usually in those directories there are hundreds of companies that are listed. Then contact one of them and the questions, if you can, can facilitate the contact of the developers of this or that application, because you have a commercial proposal to make them and, ultimately, if none of that works for you, you can contract the services from an agency, from an intermediary company that, most likely, can help you for a higher cost. So far today’s article… See you later.

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