‘Herculean’ Olyroos unravel late against Spain

Spain defeated the Olyroos 1-0 after dominating Australia for the majority of their game in Group C in Sapporo.

The Olyroos were right ins Game came with an emphatic 2-0 win over Argentina, but against Spain they would face far more clinical resistance as they have to play deep in defense for the majority of the game.

Graham Arnold’s men made it 0- 0 Deadlock until the 80th minute, until the rush became too much when Spanish skipper Mikel Oyarzabal headed a tempting cross from Real Madrid star Marco Asensio.

Spain down the Olyroos in Sapporo. (Getty)

Australia had times of counter success, but there were few, as the professionalism of the Spaniards secured full points until the final whistle.

Marco Tilio impressed in his Feature again, as did Daniel Arzani, who asked questions to his defenders. But the lack of possession in midfield made it almost impossible for the Olyroos to build sustained seasons. Instead, they relied on lightning bolts in their attack to keep the pressure off their own defense.

With the defeat, Australia slipped into second place To reach the quarterfinals.

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