: Flexibility, plants and good vibes are all part of Salesforce’s return-to-office strategy


CRM, + 2.55% on Thursday during a virtual coffee from Ken Biberaj at the commercial real estate company Savills.

Schneider also believes that the office space needs to be made better by employees, starting with making “very stressful” trips back into buildings feel less exhausting, especially since the world with the Delta variant of COVID-19.

In addition to offering hybrid and some permanent remote work options, Salesforce also focuses on things like providing happy music in office lobbies, more natural light and plants that improve indoor air quality, and even furniture that can make personal collaboration more pleasant.

Schneider said that around 55% of Salesforce buildings worldwide are now open in accordance with local health and safety protocols are only a few floors at a time for the workers.

“It’s a drain valve,” she said of the possibility of some employees working in the office for a few days. With more than 60,000 employees worldwide, the COVID crisis has meant months of remote working, but also sometimes navigating narrow apartments with roommates, while the cloud-based customer relationship management company Deliver Blockbuster Financial Results .

Salesforce posted revenue of $ 5.96 billion for the second quarter in May, up 23% year over year. The San Francisco-based company also reported $ 3.2 billion in operating cash flow, up 74% over the same period.

Its Deal to purchase Slack Technologies Inc ., a digital office powerhouse, for $ 27.7 billion was closed this week.

The outlook for US office space has improved in recent months, but it remains one of the murky parts of the commercial real estate landscape after the pandemic resulted in overnight remote work billing.

JLL, + 0.07% said this week in an office outlook for the second quarter.

The report also found that despite the COVID restrictions being lifted in June, the San Francisco office market is still facing significant headwinds as asking rents fall, tenant concessions rise, and the office vacancy rate at 20.2 % is the worst in the Bay Area since 2003 after the dotcom bankruptcy.

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As part of the reopening, Salesforce introduced Work.com to help its offices and those of their customers reopen more securely, including through optimization of personnel plans, Wellness checks and on-site meetings.

The company has newly constructed office towers by the water in Dublin and Chicago , structures that use the skyline underline the message that the office is not dead. It also plans to hold its annual Dreamforce conference Sept. 21-23 in person in San Francisco, New York, Paris and London, although US participants must be fully vaccinated.

Schneider said the focus is not just on figuring out what working conditions are best for employees, but also on how the office space is currently being used and how it will be used in five years’ time.

“We’re in hiring mode,” said Schneider, adding that flexibility and the quality of his real estate will be a huge part of talent recruiting and retention.

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