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‘Entourage’ star Kevin Connolly says newborn daughter hospitalized with COVID-19: ‘It’s been hard’

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President Biden said children under the age of 12 could soon be eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine but study results will likely be by fall last.


Kevin Connolly’s family is on their way after being infected with COVID-19 recovery “.

The 47-year-old “Entourage” alum will be revealed on Friday in the episode of win the podcast that he not only got COVID-19, but also his newborn daughter with the Virus was hospitalized at the age of six weeks.

“My daughter, she has COVID,” said Connolly, who sent Kennedy Cruz Connolly in early June with Actress Zulay Henao .” I wanted to pick up a prescription and look at this paper and it says ‘Age’. Her (recipe) said ’43 Days’. “

Connolly said his daughter Kennedy had symptoms of fever and aching limbs, , that required hospitalization. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) , “Babies under 1 year of age and children with certain underlying illnesses are more likely to develop a serious illness from COVID-19.”

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“It was difficult. It is difficult when your child is sick, you know ? ” he said. “Because there’s really nothing you can do.”

Although Connolly did not provide how long Kennedy was in the hospital, the actor said his daughter is on the mend and is “doing great”. He added, “It’s just the traffic jam part, but the fever has gone down and we’re all back on our way to recovery.”

Connolly said he caught the virus despite him ” double vaccinated. “

” This is not a political statement, but I have no doubt that this vaccine saved me a lot because the symptoms were brutal but were manageable. “he said. “I’ve been through it now, but without this vaccine I wouldn’t want any of this delta variant of the coronavirus.”

The actor added that Henaoo tested negative for COVID-19, “which further proves the vaccine works because she essentially has two sick crybaby, me and Kennedy, draped over her and she didn’t get sick.”

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Connolly announced the birth of his daughter on June 9th on Instagram

” It has arrived !!! Kennedy Cruz Connolly is ready for Game 6 !!!! “Connolly captioned a picture of his newborn in the rocking New York Islanders Hockey Club gear in the middle of the 2021 Stanley Cup Final.” We’re trying to explain that we have to win one of the next two games to go is tough. She is only a week old !! ‘ @zulay_henao Thanks for preparing them for the puck drop !!! “

Henao shared several photos of her daughter’s arrival in the delivery room and wrote: “Bringing you into this world was the greatest honor of my life!”

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