Elon Musk issues warning about Artificial Intelligence

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, co-founder of the firm which is the creator of the sensational , fears that could have consequences in the future of humanity.
So far it has been possible to demonstrate how advanced is, with the release of the much-mentioned , and along with that progress comes alerts and concerns.
According to Elon Musk, the future of civilization may be at risk due to the rapid development that has presented, since its abilities increase every time and it does not seem to have limits, a concern that he communicated to the World Government Summit in Dubai, some time after have announced the work being done on ChatGPT.
The technologies developed with have positively helped the world, but this does not mean that it does not have a certain negative impact, and this is what Elon Musk warns for the future.
Those were Musk’s answers when asked about his way of envisioning the advancement of technology in the next 10 years.
ChatGPT has been on everyone’s lips and today it is the competition for important companies such as Google and Biadu, which undertook projects in order to compete with the Chatbot, since without a doubt it is its greatest exponent and seems to have the first place worldwide as a language tool, implemented with AI, capable of assimilating and interpreting questions and returning concrete answers to users.
ChatGPT, exposed to the world how sophisticated and current is, time gave AI a greater advance, but until now there was no user interface that allowed people to interact with it.
The AI does not have any regulation that allows to control its development, unlike cars or airplanes, they are governed by security regulations, which must be complied with.
The head of Space X and the social network Twitter, acknowledged that it is necessary to submit AI to security regulations otherwise it would represent a threat to humanity.
While such regulations could slow down AI development, Musk argues that it would also be of great benefit to high-tech AI.
Elon Musk has repeatedly warned about the issue, since it is dangerous for AI to advance without restrictions.
The billionaire’s warnings are currently more emphasized as a result of the creation and implementation of ChatGPT, which seems to force changes in the world of work, being seen as a threat and it is feared that it could replace the human being in his task as an editor. web, because the answers of the Chatbot to the users who ask are more and more accurate and incredible.
Currently, Elon Musk does not have a voice or vote in the OpenAI company, since he left the firm since 2018, about which he alleges that in its beginnings the company did not intend to profit from AI, something that today already It is not like that, so it went from being an open source to becoming a closed code with the objective of making monetary profit.
In addition, Musk thought about the creation of OpenAI due to the lack of attention that Google paid to turn AI into safe and responsible technology.
ChatGPT is today the bone of contention between Google, the search veteran, and Microsoft, which has set aside some of its funds to work with OpenAI by implementing the software in Bing, its well-known and widely used browser.
It is known that Google is working hard on the development of to surpass and expose ChatGPT, because the company’s investors wonder if in the not too distant future ChatGPT can become the owner of the searches and displace them from the position . Action that is unpredictable but the war for first place continues and may extend.

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