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China will begin to compile its ChatGPT, Baidu announces that it will be available in March.

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The great search engine in , , will launch into the creation of its own , which represents further for this giant. It is known that the launch of the project cannot be postponed, since the development of this chatbot represents another step for the prestigious company.
Another known fact is that the launch of such a pretentious project will be in March. In the first instance, the service will start through an application, as currently operates, but the real objective is that as time progresses, it will mix with your browser.
In recent times, the chatbots developed in China had the exchange between people as their main focus, but when ChatGPT entered into action, it changed its points of view as the application proved to be a great option when asking various questions both in the educational, professional or academic sector.
already has vast experience with , since it has been experimenting and developing for years. Kunlun was one of the projects born from the relationship between Baidu and , it is the first chip developed with said technology, the world first saw it in 2018.
Technology in China seems to advance at an incredible speed, and Baidu does not stop bringing projects to the market, that a car could drive itself and take us wherever we want, well, it would be a dream that they made come true by taking the market out of the technology a new robotaxi capable of driving itself, summing up its dazzling property to autonomous driving level 4.
ChatGPT has arrived to revolutionize the technology industry, being quite a challenge for the largest in the technological world, in Redmond it had already disbursed an investment of 1,000 million dollars years ago to invest in OpenAI, although there are not many details given, it is he speculates on an investment of 10,000 million dollars that, in addition to having other purposes, will achieve that ChatGPT or Dall-E 2 be attached to its services and applications, including the great Microsoft search engine, Bing.
Google could not extend its resistance any further and also ended up showing part of its weaponry equipped with numerous applications developed with , not to mention LaMDA, its biggest weapon against ChatGPT.
The battlefield is ready and the greats of technology will not stand still, advance is the motto and each one has a powerful trick under their arm developed entirely with .

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