China’s Li Fabin employs one-legged stance to win weightlifting gold

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USA wins medals, gymnasts stall in qualification, Ledecky on Sunday

After failing to win medals on the first day, the USA recovered on Saturday. With Sunday in mind, don’t miss out on swimming, skateboarding and men’s gymnastics.

Sandy Hooper, USA TODAY

Tokyo , and teammates like Li Fabin wins with style.

Li, who competes in the 61 kg class, used a kind of flamingo stance on the way to two Olympic records and a gold medal.

After a standard setup at its opening with a clean jolt – he lifted 166 kg , or nearly three times his body weight – Li shifted his weight onto one leg and lifted his right leg completely off the floor to lift 172 kg and set an Olympic record. His combined 313kg in snatch and clean and jerk also set an Olympic record.

While the stance looked like he was using his powers for the judges, Li actually used the movement to balance himself correct something he does when he has the feeling that the lift can go wrong.

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“I have very strong core muscles,” Li said through a translator. “I know the audience will like this step, but I’m not suggesting that people take the same step. It could cause injuries.”

This is not the first time that Li has used his special step to create an elevator. But he also wants people to know that he doesn’t want to show off and calls himself, according to Associated Press .

Li followed his unique first lift with a successful clean and jerky of 172 kg and set two Olympic records on his debut in the 61 kg weight class.

won two more gold medals in weightlifting: Chen Lijun in the men’s 67kg category and Hou Zhihui, who also set an Olympic record in the women’s 49kg category. All eight weightlifters for are contenders for the gold medal in Tokyo, and right now the team is in the process of achieving a historic victory.

China has also been supported by a thinner crowd in the weightlifting competition this year, with North Korea skipping the 2020 Games due to the pandemic and other nations are sending smaller squads due to doping regulations.

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