Let's get physical, good pals

China on a friendly dialog with Germany

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The youngsters with Russia and also on a friendly dialogue, behavior that violated international law, violations of human rights were not consistently punished, economic relations, they were always in the foreground. A mistake, as it now shows.

Last but not least, this strategy has largely failed through trading. Economic commitments have not led to more stability, peace and democracy, we must now bitterly acknowledge that. Late insights The SPD was also a governing party, but hardly anyone is currently talking about dependence on as a trading partner.

This is significantly larger than that of Russia. China has been Germany’s largest trading partner for years. In terms of exports, China is in third place with 103.6 billion, and in imports, German industry is in first place with 149.8 billion.

Let's get physical, good pals

For far too long it has relied solely on China. And the Union, which provided the chancellor for 16 years, admits mistakes, speaks of backlogs and dependency traps. There is a backlog, we need to correct, we have a tactical alliance between Russia and China.

If you look at the last meeting of Putin and the opening of the Olympic Games, they published a paper there that spoke of a new world order, that’s not our western world order, that’s a different one. We are confronted with it immediately and must be able to act.

There is no need for action when it comes to exports, it is also about those created from raw materials. Map shows Important raw materials are found in China, Australia and Russia, among others, but hardly in Europe. China has invested heavily in recent years, also in Australia, in Africa the mines, the processing, Germany so far everything from China.

We are very dependent, especially when it comes to raw materials that are processed further, so we want to be able to do that successfully. We want to see canonization, renewable energies, we will now see that we have more of them at home to date, that we have more international access have, but also the further processing again outside of China raw materials, for example.


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