Bard, is the new Google Chatbot that is about to launch, to wage war on ChatGPT

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Google announced that, within a few weeks, will be available and working. The new Chatbot was created on the basis of Lamda, a language system that its creator assures is sensitive due to the very human way in which it formulates its responses.
The company also announced that it is working on the development of new tools worked with , which will be complemented by the search giant.
Until now, seemed to be the only Chatbot created with , capable of answering questions and providing information to users, but it didn’t take long for it to be the only one of its kind, as it was targeted by large technology companies such as Google, Bing, etc
Although these Chatbots appear to be a benefit to the world, there is also the question that they may at some point deliver wrong results and also display offensive content to surfers.
Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, said that Bard would be a promising project, and that the best results are expected from it, without leaving any data about the development of alternatives that prevent the Chatbot from showing Internet users results that contain content of an offensive or abusive.
Initially, the platform will run on a less heavy version of Lamda, which requires less energy to function, with the aim of being able to be used by a greater number of users at the same time.
has the ability to create responses, speeches, articles, essays and other functions that have been made possible thanks to its development based on .
Access to ChatGPT is completely free, since its use by users does not generate large costs for the company, but in order to achieve a balance between free use and costs, communicated about a subscription level.
According to experts, the creation of these chatbots has the future objective of showing concrete answers, thus replacing the links of web pages.
Today’s users ask more exact questions in the Google search engine and the answers found are not always correct or satisfactory, so the user browses for a long time looking for the definitive answer to their question, and that is why we work on the Development of chatbots so that they provide the navigator with a better experience, obtaining the necessary knowledge.
In the not too distant future, there will be functions inspired by AI in Search and the search results will be more accurate and less cloudy for people, according to the director of the Google company, since with time these tools will acquire more experience in the search. navigation.
throws a wrong answer and puts Google on a tightrope

Everything seemed perfect and going well, until Bard responded incorrectly to a search request. The event took place in the Promotion of the bot, which was launched last Monday on the social network Twitter, where Bard was asked what he would say to a 9-year-old boy if he asked about the discoveries of the James Webb Space Telescope. .
To which Bard replied that it had been the first telescope to capture images of a planet beyond the Earth’s solar system, which was incorrect, since the privilege was held by the European Very Large Telescope years ago, an error that was captured immediately. by astronomers on the net.

Instantly several of them made claims, Chris Harrison, a member of the University of Newcastle, said in response to the tweet, that because the information was not corroborated before publishing and sharing it on Twitter.

Since the launch of ChatGPT, Google has felt pressured and has not stopped its struggle to create a rival that completely surpasses the Chatbot, something that it will probably achieve in the future, as there are still bugs to fix in Bard.
Well, attempts to launch Bard have been too premature, exposing bugs like this, but Google came to its defense and said that the program would be rigorously tested to avoid wrong answers and future bugs.
Well, an error of that level cost Alphabet, Google’s main company, the collapse of more than 7% of its shares, subtracting a value of 100 billion dollars from the company in the market.

It is obvious that there is a lot at stake, and the pressure for Google to stay ahead with OpenAI is high, because the company cannot stay behind and let ChatGPT win the race, so you have to prepare that the future of Technology AI is promising.

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