6 Daily Habits to Jumpstart the New Year

Sponsored Content While ringing in the New Year may involve less confetti and more contemplation this year, the hope and promise of a fresh start remains the same. But all the best intentions in the world won’t make sticking to resolutions any easier this year. In fact, just seven percent of Americans reported sticking to…

6 Daily Habits

s is altering everyday behaviors. So instead of shooting for the stars and then losing motivation early, check out these six daily habits you can change right now and stick to for weeks, months, and years to come.

1. Ditch the Annoying Phone Alarm and Wake up to Your Favorite Tunes Instead

Preferred beats make getting out of bed less of a bummer. Shutterstock

How you wake up sets the tone for your day and if it's with a shrill alarm sound from your phone, well, it doesn't bode well. A study from Australia fo


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