TRAPT Wish LGBTQ Community A Happy Pride Month After Transphobic Remarks

Trapt are back on Facebook and want to address their fans in the LGBT community. At first I thought it was a fake, but it looks real. The controversial band shut down their Facebook and Twitter pages over the past year for hate speech. This happened after front man Chris Taylor Brown ...


Trapt are back on Facebook and they want to shout out to their fans in the LGBT community. At first, I assumed this was a fake out, but it looks to be real.

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The controversial band got their Facebook and Twitter pages got shut down over hate speech claims last year. This happened after frontman Chris Taylor Brown invited the Proud Boys to a show, resulting in that show getting canceled.

A new Trapt Facebook page emerged a few weeks ago, and the band went viral yesterday, updating their logo to the colors of the pride flag, and including this message. "We're a little bit late to the party. We've been thinking about our past actions and got some messages regarding stuff we supposedly said in the past and lots of those things are lies, we never said some of that stuff so please, stop commenting fake screenshots. We are sorry for the way we acted, we are sorry for the things we said. We want to start anew. pride #hatewillnotwin #forgiveus"

The problem is the post immediately before this one contains transphobic language (referring to a trans man with the pronoun "it") that seems to cancel out any positive intent here.

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